Flying Dancer, 100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Little Dancer, 100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Frolicking in Paradise, 100 x 80 cm, Oil on Canvas, 2018

Sailing with Flowers 2, 80 x 60 cm, Oil on Canvas 2018

2015永遠的新娘 40F, Oil on Canvas (Small)

I Do,  Oil on Canvas, 2015

2015 飛天的魚美人 60M Oil on Linen

Fish Girl Wants to Fly,120x80cm, 2015

2015 Jump 躍 60M Oil on Linen 2015 馮孝英 (Small)

Jump, 120x80cm, 2015, sold

2015 待嫁女兒, 40F,Oil on Canvas 2015 (Small)

Going to Marry, 100x80cm, 2015

2006 portrait of Shereef, oil on canvas 25x25in

Portrait of Shereef,oil, 80x80cm, 2006

2006 portrait of Kareem 100x70cm oil on linen

Portrait of Kareem, 100x70cm, oil, 2006

oil painting 072 (Medium)

Pondering, oil, 100×70, 2007

DSC08879 (Medium)

We are the World 1., acrylic, 40x40cm

DSC08913 (Medium)

We are the World 2,Acrylic,2011

DSC08915 (Medium)

We are the World 3, acrylic, 2011

DSC08917 (Medium)

We are the World 4, acrylic, 2011

DSC08918 (Medium)

We are the World 5,acrylic, 2011

DSC08920 (Medium)

We are the World 6, acrylic, 2011

DSC08921 (Medium)

We are the World 7, acrylic, 2011

DSC08922 (Medium)

We are the World 8, acrylic, 2011

DSC08924 (Medium)

We are the World 9, acrylic, 2011

Out Of Pharaonic Era, oil on Canvas 100x70 cm 2011, collected by Tainan City Cultural Bureau (Medium) (Small)

Out of Pharonic Era 100x70cm 2011, collected by Tainan Cultural Burao


No.18, watercolor 30″x22″,2007